Friday, December 19, 2014

Two Christmas Freebies: Color by Multiplication Fact & December Break Reading & Writing Challenge

I know most teachers have started their holiday already but it's never too early to plan for next year! Anyway, I wanted to link up with freebie Friday, so here are two recent freebies I've made. You can find the links on my teachers pay teachers store or by clicking the pictures.

Working in an international school usually means about half of my students do not celebrate Christmas. I wanted to create something that was not Chirstmas specific for my students to complete during the break. I've made this optional because most will be traveling great distances, but for students that are staying in Rwanda (or for parents that have requested extra help!) this an option to keep reading and writing skills sharp. I also created a BONUS websites for practice page that I photocopied back to back with the challenge page. I had a few parents request extra practice for mathematics and spelling.

This is just a fun 3 page color by multiplication fact freebie with a bonus blank page where students can create their own color by fact drawing for a friend. These kinds of things are always lifesavers for me on the last day or two before a big break from school. I hope you enjoy!

Visit for more freebies!

-- Jennifer

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