Sunday, January 11, 2015

Peek at my week... January 12-16

Here's a link up about my upcoming week! Click the picture for a .pdf file that has clickable links.

Next week, we are continuing with multiplication. We're using my Minute Quiz Multiplication for fact fluency. In a few weeks, we'll celebrate learning our multiplication facts with an ice cream party. The kids are pretty excited! We're also using Multiplication Bracelets and Multiplication Fact Booklets to  increase fluency. They LOVE the bracelets. I'm very fortunate that my group of students are mostly above level this year in math so teaching multiplication has been a breeze. It's also my favorite thing to teach in third grade!

For reading we've been using my In can track my independent reading packet to be more accountable for our independent reading. This is an area I found needed improvement from the beginning of the year. Students have started journals and below is a page completed by one of my students. 

Here, they track their minutes read for homework, the name of the book they're reading, and activities they complete for the choice menu. These were completed in class last week. Next week, this will be done as homework.

We're also into our second week of our Explorers and Adventurers Unit. Last week we completed this anchor chart and discussed how we are all explorers. They came up with some great ideas for this anchor chart, even mentioning pirates and astronauts! I was really happy with their thinking.

Next week we will continue with explorers and complete a motivations foldable and start on a group project called Choose Your Adventure: Age of Exploration. The first activity is writing a letter requesting money and supplies from the King for a voyage around the world. From there, we choose captains and begin our journey with a "choose 5 items that will help you survive on the journey" activity. I think my class will really enjoy this project! I need to remember to take photos!

I hope everyone has a great week. Go link up and share your own visual plans for next week!

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