Saturday, January 24, 2015

Valentine's Day Freebies & NEW Multiplication Bingo

Here are a couple of links to two Valentine's Day Freebies over at my Teacher's Pay Teachers Store.

The first one is called Student Compliment Notes. This is something I do with my students on Valentine's Day each year. Each student designs a heart shaped mailbox and then I have them write one compliment to each of their classmates and they deliver their notes on Valentine's Day. I also make sure we talk about what a meaningful compliment looks like, because if we don't, I'll get notes like: "you're a good friend" or "you're really cool", and so we think of ideas that are specific to that person.

Some ideas we think about for each compliment:
What does he/she do really well at in school?
Think about a time when he/she was really caring or honest or brave, etc.
Tell that person one think you admire about him/her.

I always find this is a time of year when students need a bit of a refresher on how to get along with each other and how to speak with kind words for everyone, so this lesson is perfect. I also like that it isn't entirely centered around candy and chocolates! This freebie also comes with notes that are not Valentine's Day themed so you can use them any time.

The next freebie is a called Valentine's Day Multiplication Match. My students are still working on multiplication facts so I created this as a fast finisher activity during our Math block. Students cut and past the correct answer under the multiplication problem. There are 3 levels to allow for differentiation within or between grade levels. I'm going to give the 2 digit x 1 digit to my advanced students as a challenge.

The last thing I have to share isn't a freebie but it is new to my store. I just posted it today! We needed some extra multiplication practice and my store-bought bingo boards were falling apart from so much use that I decided to create my own multiplication bingo. This product comes with a bingo board template and cut and paste numbers to fill the board. There are 5 different cut and paste pages to add variety. Answer calling cards are also included. It's only $2.00 at my store right now!

Also, I LOVE comments/feedback. If you download a freebie please consider leaving me feedback here in the comments, or at my TPT store! Thanks!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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